Cleaning a Hopper Handle Slam Latch And Hopper Grab Bar Assembly

Cleaning a Hopper Handle Slam Latch And Hopper Grab Bar Assembly

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When buying a trash chute system, it is very important to consider the condition of the system. If your system has been damaged, you should use this to your advantage by investing in a hopper night latch and hopper grab bar assembly. The chute night latch and hopper grab bar are parts that affix to the hopper handle and are available separately from the bulk trash receiver, they're also available included in the bulk receiver assembly.

Sometimes debris can get caught in the hopper and injure a person, like when throwing out a can of soda on the ground, it may create a person to slide and fall. A trusted way to prevent this from happening is to set up a hopper night latch. When installed correctly this hopper night latch will catch the debris and prevent anyone from slipping or falling when putting trash in to the hopper.

In many instances, the trash chute is employed to store large items such as tools, firewood, food and toys. Items that need to be stored for extended amounts of time can become damaging to the hopper as time continues, with time things can occur to the hopper handle and damage it. When cleaning the hopper handle and hopper grab bar assembly, it is necessary to help keep the handle as clean as possible.

The first important step to cleaning a hopper is to get rid of any accumulated debris. With regards to the quantity of accumulated debris the hopper handle may have to be cleaned once or twice a year or more. It's necessary to use a high quality scrubbing pad that's non- abrasive and won't harm the hopper hoist itself. It is recommended to employ a wet/dry vacuum to get any accumulated debris from the hopper night latch and hopper grab bar assembly.

If you will clean the bulk receiver assembly, which will be located within the trash chute, you then will need to eliminate the bolts that support the hopper handle to the receiver assembly. These bolts should be replaced with new bolts after a hopper jam has occurred. After the bolts are removed, you are able to clean the hopper grab bar assembly along with the inner receiver with a rag and dampened sponge with a little water.

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