Installation and Advantages of Screw piles

Installation and Advantages of Screw piles

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Perhaps you have wondered how buildings could be constructed on soft or unstable ground? The clear answer lies in Edmonton screw piles.In this blog post, we'll have a look at what screw piles are, how they work, and some of the advantages of using them. By the finish, you will have an improved understanding of whether screw piles are the proper foundation solution for your project.

What Are Screw piles?

Screw piles are a form of foundation that's used to support structures built on soft or unstable ground. They are created by screwing a metal shaft into the ground. The shaft is tapered so that it gets wider at the bottom. This provides the screw pile more stability. The wider part of the shaft is also usually hollow so that it may be full of concrete to further increase stability.

How Do Screw piles Work?

Screw piles work by transferring the weight of the structure from the unstable ground to the more stable screw pile shaft. The tapered shape of the shaft allows it to bear more weight than the usual cylindrical shaft of the same diameter. The hollow the main shaft also allows it to be filled up with concrete, which increases its capability to bear weight even further.

Features of Using Screw piles

There are lots of advantages to using screw piles over other kinds of foundations, such as for example traditional concrete footings. Some of those advantages include:

Easy installation: Screw piles could be installed quickly and easily, even in difficult-to-reach places.

Flexibility: Screw piles can be bent or tilted to support sloping or uneven ground.
Can be used in virtually any soil condition: Screw piles may be used in almost any soil, including sand, loam, clay, and even bedrock.

Cost-effective: Screw piles in many cases are more cost-effective than other types of foundations because they require less material and labor to install.

High load capacity: The tapered shape and hollow core of screw piles give them a high load-bearing capacity.

Durable: Screw piles are produced from tough materials like steel and concrete, so they're developed to last.


If you're searching for an efficient and cost-effective way to create on soft or unstable ground, then screw piles could be the clear answer you're looking for. Thanks for reading! Hopefully this post has given you a much better comprehension of what screw piles are and how they work.

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