Boosting Agricultural Production with Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana

Boosting Agricultural Production with Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana

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India can be an agrarian economy and the backbone of our country is based on the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector employs more than 50% of our country's workforce and is the source of livelihood for a lot of our people. However, despite its importance, the sector has been neglected for several years and continues to face many challenges. Poor infrastructure, inadequate use of markets, limited utilization of technology, and insufficient credit are a number of the major problems faced by farmers in India.

The Government of India has launched several schemes and initiatives recently to handle these issues and boost agricultural production in the country. One such initiative could be the Pradhan Mantri Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana (PMPKY). Launched in 2018, PMPKY aims to supply better use of markets, credit, and technology for farmers across India.

Pradhan Mantri Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana: An Overview

Under PMPKY, the federal government has put up a network of 'Kisan Suvidha Kendras' (KSKs) over the country. These Kendras behave as one-stop shops for many agriculture-related information and services. Farmers can visit these Kendras to have home elevators weather, prices, seeds, fertilizers, market rates, etc. They can also avail of varied services such as for instance crop insurance, loans, electricity connections, etc.

Furthermore, the government in addition has launched a portable app called 'Soil Health Card' under PMPKY. This app provides home elevators soil health status and fertilizer recommendations for farmers. The government in addition has put up a toll-free helpline ('1800-180-1551') where farmers can demand any information or assistance related to agriculture.


Pradhan Mantri Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana is just a much-needed scheme that will go a long way in addressing the challenges faced by farmers in India. By giving better use of information, credit, markets, and technology, PMPKY can help boost agricultural production in the united states and lead to raised outcomes for farmers.

The scheme will even allow it to be easier for farmers to gain access to important services like veterinary care and medical insurance. In addition, PMPKY will help in improving the general quality of life of farmers by giving them with financial security. This scheme is a significant step towards achieving the target of doubling farmers'income by 2022, as outlined in the Prime Minister's speech. With the launch of this scheme, farmers in India can enjoy a brighter future and sustainable livelihoods.

PMPKY also aims to promote gender equality by giving more opportunities for women farmers. The scheme can provide direct use of credit, markets and technology for female farmers along with financial incentives directed at increasing their productivity. This will go a considerable ways in assisting women farmers create sustainable livelihoods and be resilient to the impacts of climate change. Additionally, PMPKY may help strengthen the farmer-consumer relationship by giving direct usage of markets and technology for farmers, that will enable them to market their produce at competitive prices.

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